An insight into the life of this extraordinaity character through theatre production, music and slideshow presentations.


Unscene Production Company



Conceived as a live performance of our CD on JPJ with the added spice of drama plus a cast of four musicians and actress we were commissioned by Dumfries and Galloway Arts Festival to stage two performances at the 2012 festival.

Alan wrote a script specially for Glasgow actress Janis Marshall Reilly and with the addition of multi instrumentalists Colin Train and Laurie Crump we premiered the show at the festival. Janis played a series of female characters who commented on the action and, augmented by the songs, related the story of Jones's life. Paul Kozinski (husband of Janis) acted as sound engineer, mixing the music as well as triggering the sound effects for the show. The audience response was very positive. We followed this up with an Argyllshire performance at Inellan Village Hall, also well received..

In 2013 the show was reprised, first at Kirkbean Village Hall (a mere two miles from Jones's birthplace cottage) followed by the Fringe-by-the-Sea Festival in North Berwick. We then moved on to Edinburgh for five performances at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. These Edinburgh shows were filmed.

The radio theatre production tells the fascinating and action packed story of John Paul Jones and offers a ninety minute show with drama, humour and a variety of song and music from a multi talented and enthusiastic cast.


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