An insight into the life of this extraordinaity character through theatre production, music and slideshow presentations.


Alan Reid and Rob Van Sante's presentation on the Adventures of John Paul Jones was riveting.  Students ages 8 through 13 enjoyed learning about the adventurous story of the father of American sea power and the naval hero of the Revolutionary War in a very creative, entertaining and enlightening format.  Through narrative song, story telling and historical photos, both Reid and Van Sante provided a salty flavored account of a man who served in both the United States and Russian navies.  Students felt a sense of reality as they traveled through time from Jones' first sea adventure at the age of 13 from the port of Carsethorn.  Within an hour of time, they explored the geographical challenges and emotional difficulties that Jones endured on his travels until he died in Paris in 1792.  We highly recommend Reid and Van Sante's academically enriching program to any school community."

M. Maloney, St. Rose of Lima School Principal, Newtown, CT

When someone tells me so enthusiastically how much she enjoyed a particular seminar, then I know I have a winner. So it was with the John Paul Jones presentation by Alan Reid and Rob van Sante at this year's Capital Maritime Music Fest (Washington, DC 2014). But it didn't stop there. The next day one of the festival volunteers called to tell me how fantastic their new CD is [Rough Diamonds]. "Have them back!" he said. You can't get a better endorsement than that.—Janie Meneely, director, Capital Maritime Music Fest

Janie Meneely - Director at the Capitol Maritime Music Fest, Washington DC

"They were the highlight of the festival. The stars of the show. Thanks so much for bringing them to Washington!"

Wayne Thompson - attendee at the Capital Maritime Music Fest, Washington, DC .







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